Medical Services

Healthcare is a very dynamic and varied industry, and end consumers and patients have become more involved in the processes and decisions and are greatly impacted by the customer experience they come across from the different service providers.

Over the past 3 years, On call Contact Center has been continuously developing its best practice for addressing its health care client needs through a continuous development and optimization process that led to numerous success stories and testimonials from different client organizations across the region.

Healthcare companies and organizations require a great number of professional personnel to help them update their clients and help them and act on behalf of them in connecting them to their preferred offices and clinics. This has created the need for contact centers to provide an intricate set to best serve your patients using the most trained and skilled employees, alongside medical professionals. On call Contact Center services range from promoting health awareness campaigns, connecting patients to hospitals, clinics & labs for in-hospital / center appointment setting or house calls, following up from tests and lab results to appointment setting for labs, doctor offices, clinics, and radiology centers. Our centers are exclusively staffed by medical background advisors. Our highly trained staff responds to inquiries from health care professionals, patients, and regular consumers, in compliance with the individual agreed-upon program guidelines, and capture and transfer adverse events and product complaints in a validated database. Furthermore, On call Contact Center engages with many pharmaceutical companies to promote regular use of certain drugs, offer awareness to target pharmacies, manage the order platform for pharmacies and pharmaceutical distributors via phone, email & web platforms, and conduct telephone research among many other services.

Medical Services
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