Government & Public Services

Government organizations are always on the lookout to decrease costs in their overall business structure and services while maintaining their efficiency and provide the public with the required services in a smooth efficient manner. On call Contact Center offers multiple government organizations and affiliated agencies the ability to communicate their services and to increase their end-user satisfaction while maintaining cost efficiency and quality.

On call Contact Center has several programs established in conjunction with state-owned agencies that have outsourced critical processes, to serve residents through live agent support as well as automated IVR services. At On call Contact Center, we are confident of our experience and flexibility to handle a variety of communications when it comes to state-provided utilities, educational services, business support services, private sector support processes based on experience and know-how.

By offering a comprehensive solution to government agencies comprised of people, established processes, and cutting edge technology, we ensure great customer service and execution of resident requirements and needs. In this domain, we offer multiple services such as inquiries, updating the public with law changes, applications required for multiple processes and campaign support, pension services, educational contact centers for public university applications among many more services.

Government & Public Services
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